BTS 6 TRAILER 4 from christoph green on Vimeo.

Burn to Shine Atlanta

Montana Premiere
Big Sky Film Series

“The Burn to Shine series was always about time.  Portraits of bands playing in doomed houses, and the ritual of demolition set to music. These films always had in them a giant underlined subtext of temporality.  This newest release, the Atlanta edition, is different in one major way.  It is now being released almost a full decade after being filmed.  The implied time capsule of the earlier films becomes explicit in this one, allowing us to view well known bands like Mastadon, Deerhunter, The Black Lips, and the Coathangers, in their infancy.  Like finding an undeveloped roll of baby pictures, Burn to Shine 6: Atlanta takes us to a place that we forgot even existed.”

Creative Loafing article