Experimental Non-Fiction: Short Film Night

Big Sky Film Series

-- Convicted: A Prison Diary
Carol Jacobsen, 10 minutes, miniDV, USA 2006
Aerial, exterior and interior views of Scott Women’s Prison combine with voiceover excerpts of an inmate’s diary to give a disturbing indictiment of inhuman conditions in what Amnesty International has named one of the worst women’s prisons in the United States.

-- Evil Cleric
Joel Baird, 4 minutes, Hi8, USA 1994
A confrontation between an angry crowd and a condemning preacher. Begs the question, “If you had the power to kill anyone you wanted, think you’d be able to do it?”

-- Herekles
Werner Herzog, 12 minutes, 16mm, Germany 1962
Werner Herzog’s very first film, made at the age of 20.

Emily Crawford, 3 minutes, miniDV, USA 2006
Jugs comically examines one woman’s knack for cherry stem tying while recalling a memoir from her personal past.

-- Night Elements
Tina Mills & Doug Hawes-Davis, 3 minutes, Super8/miniDV, USA 2005
Night Elements is a meditation on a fundamental human experience; fear of nightfall, darkness and violent weather. It embraces the valid, but unscientific, attitudes of people toward the environment and celebrates folk wisdom and the pure emotional response.

-- The Raven
Tina Mills & Doug Hawes-Davis, 1 minute, miniDV, USA 2006
Raven is widely-regarded as a highly intelligent, cunning animal. The deep black of the raven does not signify evil, but rather the seeking of answers from the void. The Raven documents what can be learned through observational study of the bird. It is High Plains Films’ answer to March of the Penguins; a contemplative short concerning the distant knowledge and mystery of the animal kingdom.