Facing The Storm: Story of The American Bison

Montana Premiere
Big Sky Film Series

High Plains Films presents the Montana premiere of Facing The Storm: Story of The American Bison, an ITVS/Montana PBS co-production. The screening is a fund-raising event for Missoula’s Big Sky Film Institute (parent organization for High Plains Films & the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival). The feature documentary is the result of the collaboration of diverse Montana talent. Review copies are available on request.  Facing The Storm is the epic account of our tempestuous relationship with the iconic symbol of wild America. It explores the visionary quest to protect and restore bison and details the inextricable relationship of the Plains Indians with the animal. The film also recounts the harrowing near-destruction of the species in the late nineteenth century—from an estimated 30 million bison to a mere 23 individuals by 1885. It graphically exposes the annual slaughter of bison outside of Yellowstone National Park, where the largest genetically-pure herd remains in semi-captivity. Finally, the film explores the epic vision—and monumental obstacles—to restore bison to immense tracts of the Great Plains. This involves a dramatic transformation of how we understand the Great Plains - from a utilitarian world view to a fully-functional ecosystem that combines a lost culture with modern ecological science and contemporary economies, and includes the full range of original species that have been largely vanquished from the region. Facing The Storm not just an icon of a lost world, but may very well show us the path to the future.  Facing The Storm is a product of collaboration between many talented western Montana artists and professionals. The film is directed and co-produced by national Emmy-nominee Doug Hawes-Davis of High Plains Films, who also contributed cinematography and editing.