Big Sky Film Series - Montana Shorts

THE WINTER RIDER by Eric Ristau - 4 minutes, 2014

INTRODUCING THE LIL’ SMOKIES by Doug Hawes-Davis - 6 minutes, 2014

ART MONTANA: NANCY ERICKSON by Paige Williams, 5 minutes, 2014

A WALK IN THE MOUNTAINS by Colin Ruggiero - 4 minutes, 2014

ASAPH by Marshall Granger - 13 minutes, 2013

MASKED BANDIT OF THE PLAINS by Dru Carr & Doug Hawes-Davis - 8 minutes, 2014
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ART MONTANA: GREG JOHNSON by Paige Williams, 8 minutes, 2014

THE BLADESMITHS by Ken Furrow & Dru Carr - 11 minutes, 2014
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SAVED BY THE BIRDS by Damon Ristau - 7 minutes, 2013

Montana is not just a place on a map, it’s a state of mind. The rugged geography has shaped society for thousands of years. The landscape and culture of Montana continues to inspire and influence the creation of great art. This series of shorts includes new work by some of Montana’s best filmmakers and about some of Montana’s most interesting people and places.