Here Come The Videofreex Trailer from NR Productions on Vimeo.

Here Come the Videofreex

Montana Premiere

In the 1960s and 70s, a group of renegade journalists - the Videofreex - blazed a trail for truly alternative media.  Tapping into a treasure trove of recently restored tapes, including interviews with icons like murdered Chicago Black Panther Fred Hampton and legendary activist Abbie Hoffman, HERE COME THE VIDEOFREEX charts the path of this underground video collective of men and women, from their time traveling the counterculture beat for CBS News to the establishment of their radically local pirate television station in upstate New York.
Directors Nealon and Raskin capture the enthusiasm and innovation of the Videofreex as they harnessed the democratic power of portable video to capture the energy of a pivotal era, creating a legacy that continues to inspire today’s boundary-pushing independent media.