Oh My God! It's Harrod Blank!

A biographic odyssey through the life of the eccentric artist and entrepreneur Harrod Blank, a creator of spectacles such as the Camera Van—a Dodge van with 2000 cameras attached to it and The Flash Suit- a man’s suit festooned with hundreds of photo flash bulbs going off. The film follows Blank from his youth spent in the woods with chickens, to his current multi-faceted career as filmmaker and Art-Car maven extraordinaire. Blank’s family, friends, and girlfriends take turns criticizing, advising, and explaining a guy whose uncommon openness and resilience can tolerate such a forum, even as viewers laugh and squirm. Rounding out the film’s point of view is Blank’s own painful, often hilarious examination of his personal life and struggles. ‘The pressure to conform is incredible,’ says Blank, ‘but I don’t care what other people think. The reason I’m alive is to create.’ With special appearances from Harrod Blank’s famed documentary filmmaking father, Les Blank, revealing details of his early career.