Ridin' & Rhymin'

Montana Premiere

~ Winner of the BigSky Award ~

Through eighty years of riding, ranching and writing, Ridin’ & Rhymin’ profiles the courageous life and living legacy of renowned cowgirl poet Georgie Sicking. Whether she’s on horseback, driving hundreds of cattle through a mountain range or onstage, reciting to hundreds of fans, this documentary captures her remarkable history and the reach of her fame. Returning to the places that shaped her poetry, Georgie rides the vast western range. But when a flash flood destroys her house, she is forced home, to once again rebuild her life. When she receives news of the death of her youngest son, Georgie’s strength and insight turns hardship into verse. Georgie’s words preserve western heritage and capture her life as top hand, rancher, farmer, roper, barrel racer, wife, mother, honored writer and storyteller. Ridin’ & Rhymin’ catches an intimate view of this spirited icon who has blazed her own trail.