Shepard & Dark

Remember when close friends corresponded by letters? When intimate thoughts about life, family and mortality were hand-written or typed on the page, with full thought given to every word? This is the kind of friendship that Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark had. ‘Shepard & Dark’ tells the story of a beautiful but complicated relationship maintained almost 50 years through hundreds upon hundreds of letters. Sam Shepard is the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and actor, one of the most acclaimed writers of the late 20th century. Johnny Dark is his close friend since the beatnik days of Greenwich Village, a former housemate in California, now living an unusually solitary life in New Mexico. At first glance, Shepard and Dark are a odd duo—the restless, iconic writer and his happily reclusive pal who lives alone with his dogs, working at a supermarket deli counter. When the pair agree to collaborate on a book of their correspondence, it forces them to confront sometimes painful memories and personal shortcomings. ‘Shepard & Dark’ reveals itself to be an honest and often funny meditation on love, companionship, loneliness and struggle—and the remarkable connection of the written word.