Trail Riders of the Wilderness

Live piano accompaniment:  Molly Morrison
A silent film by Missoula nature photographer K.D. Swan, with a live accompaniment from Missoula pianist Molly Morrison. The film was shot entirely in western Montana in the 1920’s, mostly within the boundaries of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, before there was any such thing as “designated wilderness”. As a part of his long career with the U.S. Forest Service, Swan helped to capture the face of public lands from behind his lens, revealing the value of conserving wild lands to the American public. The film is production of the U.S. Forest Service.
  Aside from her amazing work as a pianist in Missoula, Molly Morrison spent eighteen seasons as fire lookout for the Forest Service.  Recently, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit the Bob Marshall Wilderness on horseback, and is happy to accompany this historic film about that special place.