Wholphin Part 1. Screens: Friday, February 22nd in the Crystal Theatre 5:45PM
Wholphin Part 2 Screens:  Saturday, February 23rd in the Wilma 2 11:30AM

Wholphin is a DVD magazine designed to give exposure to rarely seen shorts.  It was created by Dave Eggers and Brent Hoff of McSweeney’s publishing house and is now in its 15th edition. The collection has featured hard to find films by Spike Jonze and David O’ Russell and have covered subject ranging from Al Gore’s failed 2000 bid for president, Maurice Sendak’s retelling of his experience the World’s Fair,  major league pitcher Doc Ellis’ 1970 no-hitter while high on LSD and Dennis Hopper in the Russian Suicide Chair.

Website - http://www.wholphindvd.com/