Sixty Spins Around the Sun

Montana Premiere

Sixty Spins Around the Sun tells the story of Randy Credico a showbiz flameout who has spent the last twenty years lending his voice to unsung causes, from his support of the Sandanistas and Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., to his fight against racial profiling and New York’s Rockelfeller Drug Laws. The film explores Randy’s flaws from his professional fatal appearance on Carson to his humiliating stint as H.R. Puf-n-Stuf. Ex-girlfriends, coworkers, and show-biz luminaries like Larry David and Colin Quinn pepper this bizarre portrait with their insights. Part Political consciousness-raiser and part show-business expose’, ‘60 Spins Around the Sun’ is a poignant account of an under-appreciated mold breaker whose heart, energy and passion—even if all over theplace—are always in the right place.