Bedroom Radio
Doug Aubrey, Marie Oleson, 2004, Scotland, 42 minutes
Montana Premiere

Bedroom Radio is a story of Pirate radio broad-casting, Love, Life, and Death on a different Scottish frequency. Gary (DJ Allusion) and Yvonne (DJ Miss-Chief) are a young couple who live on a tough Paisley housing estate. Most nights they broadcast from their one bedroom flat on Gary’s pirate radio station: Allusion FM. In a world where the drug dealer and money lender rule, and where alcoholism and violence are an everyday reality, it is ironic that the only positive thing that this young couple can do for themselves is illegal. Pirate radio broadcasting is a criminal offense in the UK and although being a radio pirate carries with it the risk of either a hefty fine or prison sentence, the buzz of being a pirate has attracted a whole new generation of what Gary calls ‘Bedroom DJs’ to the airwaves. Bedroom Radio is an intimate and compassionate insight into life on the wrong side of the M8’s hard shoulder. It captures the highs, lows, dreams and tragedy of scheme life, yet remains a positive film about aspirations, hopes and dreams in a notoriously deprived area of Scotland.