Interested in the art of filmmaking? Have some skills with the camera but don't know where to begin with your film idea? This summer BSFI is thrilled to partner with Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP), the internationally acclaimed photography school, and conduct a two-week intensive filmmaking workshop featuring some of our finest BSDFF alums.

Making Films with your DSLR takes place in and around Missoula, MT. Our 2017 workshop runs June 11th through the 23rd. The first week will be focused on the craft of filmmaking itself. Led by documentary filmmaker Meghan O’Hara – named one of the 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014 – you will learn story development and planning, documentary cinematography, audio recording techniques, and interview skills. Having this time with Meghan will allow you to dig into your creative tools in an environment where you are expected – in fact, encouraged, – to practice, play, and learn via trial and error. Week two will be led by accomplished documentary director and editor Laura Green. Laura will build upon the skills you learned in week one by focusing on the creative and technical aspects of video editing and post-production. You will learn media management and workflow best practices, editing techniques and tools, and advanced features that will allow you to polish your final edit. Going beyond the technical, Laura will teach you about the process of shaping story through the craft of editing – how to construct a compelling narrative through your visual and audio editing choices.

Throughout the workshop – both in the classroom and at select venues around Missoula – your group will enjoy learning more by viewing, studying and discussing a selection of films. Having Meghan and Laura guide you through the filmmaking process is an incredible opportunity to learn from two highly accomplished filmmakers in a creative environment known for its love of film.


For more information, contact Andy at or via phone 406-543-0171

Course Details:
Making Films with Your DSLR Missoula, Montana
Dates: 06/11/2017 - 06/23/2017 Tuition: $2250; Deposit: $300