2016 BSDFF Daily Highlights – Saturday Feb 27

2016 BSDFF

Daily Highlights – Saturday Feb 27

Films at the Wilma, Crystal, Roxy and Top Hat, beginning at 10:00pm.

Dead When I Got Here – Compassion and redemption are discovered by a man who manages a mental asylum run by its own patients in Juarez, Mexico, and amplified when his daughter, who thought him dead, discovers him during the making of the film. Wilma, 10:00am.

Shorts galore! 24 short films over three screenings at the Wilma. 12:00pm, 2:15pm, 4:45pm.

If Only I Were That Warrior – a monument dedicated to a fascist general drives this story of the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, and the unpunished war crimes committed by the Mussolini regime. Roxy, 12:15pm.

Felvidek: Caught in Between – Animated documentary dusts up long-forgotten stories of people from Central Europe whose post-WWII lives were shaped by a series of political decisions. U.S. Premiere. Roxy, 2:15pm.

Join Us - Ondi Timoner retrospective continues with the story of four families as they leave an abusive church in South Carolina and eventually return home to bring the pastor to justice. Crystal, 3:45pm.

Award-Winners! The winners of the Mini Doc and Feature Categories. Wilma, 7:00pm.

Chameleon – The intriguing tale of Anas, who has been called the James Bond of Ghanaian journalism. His unorthodox methods are infamous throughout Ghana, but his face is unkown to the public. Wilma, 9:15pm.

We Live in Public – Ondi Timoner retrospective concludes with this riveting, cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world inevitably takes control of our lives. Crystal, 10:00pm.


Q&A following film screening

Peace Officer – Scott Christopherson, director. Top Hat, 12:00pm.

El Cacao – Michelle Aguilar, director. Operation Allie – Manny Marquez, director. White Lines – Jessie Posthumus and Hanna Jovin, co-directors. Wilma, 12pm.

If Only I Were That Warrior – Valerio Ciriaci, director. Roxy, 12:15pm.

The Good Mind – Gwendolen Cates, director. Crystal, 2:00pm.

Pickle – Amy Nicholson, director. Some Forgotten Calculation – C.S. Ward, director. The River Man – Richard Gorodecky, director. Winston’s Ghost: The Photography of Ryan Gustman – Brian Binder and Brian Mezerski, co-directors. Wilma, 2:15pm.

Join Us – Ondi Timoner, director. Crystal, 3:45pm.

Kickstarted – Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage, co-directors. Crystal, 6:00pm.

Country: Portraits of an American Sound – Steven Kochones, director. Crystal, 8:00pm.

We Live in Public – Ondi Timoner, director. Crystal, 10:00pm.

Full schedule of films and events: bigskyfilmfest.org.

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