2016 BSDFF Daily Highlights – Sunday Feb 28

2016 BSDFF

Daily Highlights – Sunday Feb 28


Films at the Wilma, Crystal, Roxy and Top Hat beginning at 10:00am

A Certain Kind of Light – 93-year old Wil Alexander has sat at the bedside of the sick and dying for 40 years. This film follows Wil as he cares for sick, wounded and terminal patients without the modern technology that defines most healthcare practices. Anchor of a five-film block. Wilma, 12:00pm.

Bill Evans, Time Remembered – Driven by Evans’ own voice through performances and interviews, this film documents the jazz legend’s achievements and profound personal struggles. Top Hat, 12:30pm.

The Shelter – With the help of family and friends, an Iranian woman establishes a shelter to care for both wild and domestic animals. World Premiere. Roxy, 2:15pm.

Killing Them Safely – the story behind TASER International, from its founding as a gun-alternative law-enforcement tool to an unforeseen, post-success reckoning. Top Hat, 3:00pm.

Here Come the Videofreex – In the 60s and 70s, a group of renegade journalists blazed a trail for truly alternative media. Featuring newly-restored interviews of icons like murdered Black Panther Fred Hampton and legendary activist Abbie Hoffman. Roxy, 4:00pm.

A Poem is A Naked Person – The legendary documentarian Les Blank’s long-dormant portrait of equally legendary singer-songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Leon Russell. Shot between 1972 and 1974 but only recently released for public viewing. Crystal, 6:45pm.

The Bug – Missoula filmmaker Damon Ristau’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2012 film The Bus, this is the story of the most beloved and recognizable automobile on Earth. Wilma, 7:00pm.

Award-Winners! Winners of the Best Short and Big Sky Award competitions. Films TBA. Wilma, 9:00pm.


Q&A following film screening

Sandorkraut – Emily Lobsenz, co-director. Heavy Fog Tonight – Nathan Reich, director. Roxy, 10:15am.

Life is Grand – Bhawin Suchak, producer. Living Like Kings – Benjamin Kaplan, director. Crystal, 12:45pm.

A Certain Kind of Light – Brandon Vedder, director; Sean Galloway, composer; Carla Gober-Park, producer. Yaya the Wise Man – Ian Frank, director. Wilma, 12:00pm.

Borderline – Rebbie Ratner, director. Roxy, 12:15pm.

Bill Evans, Time Remembered – Annie Buford, subject. Top Hat, 12:30pm.

The Sun is Heavy – Jared Jakins and Carly Jakins, co-directors. Use of Force – Rita Baghdai and Jeremiah Hammerling, co-directors. Where We Stand – Kristine Stolakis, director. Zone Blanche – Gaëlle Cintré, director. Wilma, 2:30pm.

Tear the Roof Off: The Untold Story of Parliament Funkadelic – Bobby J. Brown, director; three members of original P-Funk lineup. God’s in the Garage – Kendall Rock, director. Top Hat, 5:00pm.

Revival: The Sam Bush Story – Kris Wheeler, director. The Montana Sessions – Nic Davis, director. Top Hat, 8:45pm.

The Bug – Damon Ristau, director. Wilma, 9:00pm.

Full schedule of films and events: bigskyfilmfest.org.

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