Big Sky Receives FilmWatch Grant from Academy for Native Filmmaker Intiative

The Big Sky Film Institute is proud to announce the launch of a Native Filmmaker Initiative made possible in part by FilmWatch grant funding from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Designed to bring more Indigenous stories to Missoula and engage the Native Filmmaking community across the Northwest, the initiative includes a Native Filmmakers Fellowship program, an Educational Outreach arm and special programming of Indigenous films at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

The Academy's FilmWatch and FilmCraft grant programs were established to identify and empower future filmmakers from nontraditional backgrounds, cultivate new and diverse talent, promote motion pictures as an art form and provide a platform for underrepresented artists. Announced April 21st, grants were awarded to 44 organizations including the American Film Institute, International Documentary Association and the Sundance Institute, among many other prestigious film festivals, educational institutions and film scholars.

Honored to be selected by The Academy alongside so many distinguished programs, BSFI is thrilled to expand our capacity for Native content and partnerships. The Native Filmmaker Initiative will launch in the Fall of 2017. Programming and recruitment begin soon, stay tuned for more announcements!

Apr 26, 2017 | permalink