Spotlight on Sponsors: Consumer Direct Care Network

Consumer Direct Care Network is a proud supporter of people receiving personal assistance services.  Their vision is to expand the choices and control the lives of people with disabilities, the elderly and their families.  They rely on support, engagement, respect, innovation, integrity, compassion and excellence to provide outstanding service to their members.  Consumer Direct Care is a strand sponsor for the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, bringing a series of "All Abilities Films" to Missoula.  These films highlight the stories of people living with disabilities, and the communities around them.   

For more information about Consumer Care Direct Network, please visit their website at

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival lights up downtown Missoula for 10 days every February, bring stories from across the globe to our beautiful and eclectic mountain town, create a vibrant, quality event that gathers our engaged community, and expand the knowledge and conversation around issues that matter. The success of the festival is defined by the marvelous support and enthusiasm of Missoula businesses, organizations, non-profits, theaters and dedicated patrons. THANK YOU.

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