Spotlight on Sponsors: The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

The mission of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation is to "hold fast to our sense of place and are actively involved in the communities where we live and work.  We believe in the individual spirit, but at the same time we know how important a strong support network is to the enhancement of all our lives.  The Washington Foundation strives to better the human condition by supporting programs and services that give people the tools to enhance the qualities of their lives and benefit society as a whole."

Dedication to bringing film education opportunities to Montanans and visiting filmmakers alike is what BSDFF strives to do.  The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation knows how important a strong netowork system is to the enhancement of all our lives.  That's why they help BSDFF by providing funding for our diverse selection of educational programs for all ages to create, learn and enjoy documentary film, including Schoolhouse Docs, the Big Sky Youth Fellowship and Teen Mentor Days.  

For more information about the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, please visit their website at

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival lights up downtown Missoula every year for 10 days in February, bring stories from across the globe to our beautiful and eclectic mountain town, create a vibrant, quality event that gathers our engaged community, and expand the knowledge and conversation around issues that matter.  The success of the festival is defined by the marvelous support and enthusiasm of industry partners and Missoula businesses, organizations, non-profits, theaters and dedicated patrons.  THANK YOU.  

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