Spotlight on Sponsors: The Missoula Independent

The Missoula Independent, Western Montana's Weekly Journal of People, Politics, and Culture, offers an in-depth perspective on our uniique life here in the "Last Best Place." The Independent is Missoula's largest weekly newspaper, with a distribution of about 20,000 readers all across the region.  Promoting a host of local events, restaurants, and community news stories, the Independent provides insight to forces that affect readers' cultural landscape in order to help them understand the true nature of their community.  

Telling true stories is at the heart of the work of both the Missoula Independent and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.  Our partner in entertainment and journalism, the Indy helps get our festival schedule into the hands of attendees in their mid-February edition every year and provides sneak peeks into BSFI film events all year with regular film reviews, keeping the community connected throughout the festival week and beyond.  Find out what's current at the Missoula Independent at, or pick up a hard copy at one of your favorite Missoula shops. 

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival lights up downtown Missoula for 10 days every February, bring stories from across the globe to our beautiful and eclectic mountain town, create a vibrant, quality event that gathers our engaged community, and expand the knowledge and conversation around issues that matter.  The success of the festival is defined by the marvelous support and enthusiasm of Missoula businesses,organizations, non-profits, theaters and dedicated patrons.  THANK YOU.  

Dec 26, 2016 | permalink