John Cohen Retrospective


John Cohen is probably most known as a musician. In 1959 he co-founded the New Lost City Ramblers, a band that contributed greatly to the “old-time music” revival in New York City. His time in New York overlapped the city’s mid-century cultural explosion, and Cohen shot a series of iconic photographs documenting that culture, including seminal figures like Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac. That period also saw the birth of Cohen’s documentary filmmaking career, which began with the 1962 film The High Lonesome Sound.

Cohen’s presence will loom large over the festival’s first weekend, including an exhibit of his photographs, a lecture, and a musical performance with the Montana band Scrapyard Lullaby. Seven of Cohen’s films will be screened at the festival as well, featuring Q&As with the man himself.

The Films:

• Dancing With the Incas
• Gypsies Sing Long Ballads
• Mountain Music of Peru
• Roscoe Holcomb From Daisy, Kentucky
• The End of an Old Song
• That High Lonesome Sound
• Visions of Mary Frank